From security solutions to the design and planning of your network infrastructure, Esmegen Group is committed to providing a complete suite of solutions for your business. Stay tune with our exclusive Range of Products:

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Setting up and virtualising your network is not an easy task for everyone, and most businesses rely on experts to conduct their virtualisation. However, when not designed and planned properly, many businesses fail to take advantage of the full potential of their network.

As one of the major players in the field of ICT solutions, we provide the necessary expertise in providing an end-to-end solution, going through the stages of consultation, planning, designing and executing the best virtualisation process, giving you plenty of support and assistance when required.

We help your business keep connected on-premise and remotely.

Boasting of a full set of solutions, we provide the necessary hardware and wireless solutions so that you can start work with minimum fuss.

As experts in the industry of network communications, we are capable of setting up the entire infrastructure of your network, keeping your business connected both internally and externally.

We offer maximum security and surveillance solutions, making sure you stay updated with the latest trends and threats.

Working from Home

We also do analysis and reporting (auditing), so that you can better streamline your network productivity and be better prepared for disasters.

Our pre-emptive measures keep you ready to face any potential risk of network disruptions, bringing you quick disaster recovery options that bring your network back online with minimal interruption.

Relocation & Setup

In line with office relocation and re-setup, we provide end-to-end solutions from planning to operational in the shortest time possible.

We assist in the change of your office environment, as seamless as possible, fuss-free and happy!


IP-PABX, or Internet Protocol Private Branch Automatic Exchange, allows for quality unified communications solution where external phone lines have the ability to connect to internal extensions within a building via an Internet Protocol network.

We offer several systems in the sector of IP-PABX, partnering with Ericsson-LG to bring you technologically advanced solutions for the 21st century.

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Drive efficiency and convenience in the same vein as you offer the best quality of service to your clients and customers in our iPECS UCS system.

Our iPECS UCS system is a server-based application providing a single point of communication customised for SMB environments.

Make your network go the miles for you with

  • application sharing

  • multi-party video and audio conferencing

  • integration with third-party applications such as Outlook scheduler, MS Excel and more.

Stay connected to the digital world with a simple, streamlined and easy-to-use solution for communication and collaboration. Keep up with the rest of the world and focus on business generation with ease and convenience.

For more information, visit the iPECS website here.


The iPECS eMG80 gives you the ability to communicate seamlessly over IP networks.

Its ease of use is owed to its simple and cost effective nature, with the added benefit of scalability.

Its flexibility to be expanded to more than 30 ports allows you to build a complete network for quick and fuss-free communication within your business, and it is easy to install, and intuitive to use.

The VoIP technologies that the eMG80 adopts is cost effective and easily expandable, and it also hosts a rich suite of features and applications that equip you with a modern communications solution.

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The iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to meet SMB and Enterprise communications needs.

Its quick and easy setup procedures provide a convenient out-of-box unified communications and mobility solution, yet provides maximum scalability for premium unified communication suites.

Its features include:

  • Easy and economical – all in one platform

  • Reliability in architecture

  • Anytime, anywhere – convenience both inside and outside office

  • Optimised for businesses – improve your business performance with integrated applications

  • Simple installation and management

  • Ability for expansion for your growing business

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Within our range of products, we offer network switches that enable your server to be used in a Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN).

With a running track record of being robust and secure, the Esmegen Group is also proud to provide various options for SMBs of different sizes, which helps to prepare you for the possibility of expansion.

Offering options for stacking and scalability, our solutions provide increased security, advanced networking capabilities and easy installation. With the adequate expertise provided by us, you will get your network set up in no time.

Find your solution at Esmegen Group, and contact us for more information.


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