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IT Network and Cloud Voice: About


From security solutions to the design and planning of your network infrastructure, Esmegen Group is committed to providing a complete suite of solutions for your business. Stay tune with our exclusive Range of Products:

RixVoice | RixVue | RixDA | RixTA | RixBit | Rix many more

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Setting up and virtualising your network is not an easy task for everyone, and most businesses rely on experts to conduct their virtualisation. However, when not designed and planned properly, many businesses fail to take advantage of the full potential of their network.

As one of the major players in the field of ICT solutions, we provide the necessary expertise in providing an end-to-end solution, going through the stages of consultation, planning, designing and executing the best virtualisation process, giving you plenty of support and assistance when required.

We help your business keep connected on-premise and remotely.

Boasting of a full set of solutions, we provide the necessary hardware and wireless solutions so that you can start work with minimum fuss.

As experts in the industry of network communications, we are capable of setting up the entire infrastructure of your network, keeping your business connected both internally and externally.

We offer maximum security and surveillance solutions, making sure you stay updated with the latest trends and threats.

Working from Home

We also do analysis and reporting (auditing), so that you can better streamline your network productivity and be better prepared for disasters.

Our pre-emptive measures keep you ready to face any potential risk of network disruptions, bringing you quick disaster recovery options that bring your network back online with minimal interruption.

Relocation & Setup

In line with office relocation and re-setup, we provide end-to-end solutions from planning to operational in the shortest time possible.

We assist in the change of your office environment, as seamless as possible, fuss-free and happy!

IT Network and Cloud Voice: Services

Cloud Voice | Hosted IP-PBX

Corporate Telephony Solutions has been revolving from on-premises equipment to cloud hosted solutions. This is because renowned PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) provider gives way to cloud provider due to technology advancement.

The transformation is further expedited, due to Covid-19 that resulted in corporate users to work from home, thus organisations are moving away from conventional system since on-premises system is deeply unutilised when minimal people are working in an office environment.

IT Network and Cloud Voice: Services
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RixVoice is a telephony platform that corporate users can benefit from functions of a conventional PABX system without huge upfront investment nor future maintenance and services expenditure.

RixVoice team consists of knowledgeable expertise who can take care of both IT and Voice aspects of the platform.

RixVoice Features include:

- Trunk / Concurrent Calls

- Direct Number (DDI) x 1

- Single extension Mobile Client x 1

- Single extension Desktop Client x 1

- User Portal to Manage Call Forwarding, Presence Status, Ring Strategy, etc

- Incoming call & Call Queue Management

- Group Ring & Group Pickup

- IVR & Time Condition with customisable voice prompts

- Call Transfer

- Paging & Intercom

- Voicemail & Voicemail-to-Email

- 3-Way Conference

- Adoption of Telephone numbers from Contact List

- Call Logs

- Chat

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Many clients may be puzzled by, us in providing Trunk, are we competitor of local Telephony Service Provider or are we legitimate to provide such services?

To clarify, we are Service Based Operator licensed my IMDA in providing internet based Telephone solutions. We are not considered a direct competitor of local Telephone Services Provider like Singtel or rather we are deemed as their customer as the underlying SIP Trunk and Data Centre are subscribed through Facilities Based Operators like them.

For Esmegen, being Singtel Channel Partners for more than a decade, we have sufficient resources in getting the correct trunk and data centres for RixVoice Platform to work efficiently.

For Post-sale support like facilitating number retention is fully managed by our experienced team who are extremely familiar with Singtel processes and connections.

For Non-Singtel trunk, as long as there are resources for number portability, we can assist but do take note of the longer lead time. In the event if number is not feasible to be retained, we can always issue nice numbers.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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