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Company Profile

The Esmegen Group was established in 2005, a significant milestone since its earlier inception.

As a result of a humbling experience, the Esmegen Group represented a positive turnaround of a business that fought against the odds of a tumbling economy, to become a major player in the industry of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for businesses today.

The team behind Esmegen Group is a highly driven one, steered by a number of tested and proven processes to provide quality manpower and highly valued customer service when we deliver solutions to all of our clients.


Why Esmegen?

Experts in Communication | Bridging Relationships | Moulding Generations

Experts in Communication

We uphold the corporate services of ISPs, acting as the backbone of communication in the society today. Because of the essential nature of communication, its necessity is preceded by the need to provide reliable, trustworthy and transparent solutions that keep everyone connected.

With our suite of communication and network services, our solutions not only improve connectivity, but also helps our clients to keep up with and adapt to the ever-evolving world of communication technology.

We are also equally capable in conducting maintenance and security work within your IT infrastructure, providing bespoke end-to-end solutions for organisations to upgrade and improve existing systems.

Bridging Relationships

The Esmegen Group takes pride in being a high-tech, high-touch organisation – our primary mission is to deliver a high degree of the personal touch to all our clients, ensuring that we go the extra mile to make our clients feel comfortable and satisfied with the services we provide.

Our keen sense of understanding what you need comes from years of experience, and our process-driven methodology pairs well with our knowledge of your specifications to match our solutions to you effectively.

With a dynamic and vibrant culture that exists within our offices, we promote an environment of satisfaction among our employees, which in turn translates to brilliant customer service for you.

As a result of our high value-added service, we have forged many strong and valuable relationships with our clients, who have been with us from the very beginning.

Moulding Generations

In an effort to give back to society, we always try to engage the younger generation through entrepreneurship partnerships with tertiary institutions.

We believe in contributing to the development of our future, and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow to lead the charge in growing the entrepreneurial landscape of Singapore.


Mission Statement

Experiencing Strength, Moulding é GENerations

From a humble company fighting against the odds to become what it is today, the Esmegen Group owes its success today to the strength and support of others throughout the good and bad times.
As part of our mission to deliver the best quality of service, we strive to be the first choice in delivering network and communication solutions in the industry, both regionally and internationally.
At the same time, we never forget those who have helped us along the way, and continue to give back to society by spurring the entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore. By pledging our support for young businesses, we move them forward to achieve success for future generations to come.

Thumbs Up

Quality Assurance

Committed to Quality

As experts in the field of ICT solutions, we are committed to providing quality service to all of our clients.

We select ideal business partners to work with that will aid us in providing top-of-the-line solutions to you, and provide adequate training before solutions providers go-to-market, saving you time on troubleshooting upon implementation.

We also follow up on all statuses of service upon project completion, providing strong post-sales support so that you do away with any potential business disruption.

As a testament to our ever-improving quality of service, we have attained the following awards:

  • Promising SME 500, 2015

  • Singtel Awards, 2011 – 2013, 2017-2021

  • ELG Awards 2014 & 2015

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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